You have never seen such a statue of Ganesha! Cows also participate in the aarti

Deepak Pandey/Khargone. Every street and intersection in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh has become devotional. Lord Ganesha is established in various forms. Some places have Plaster of Paris (POP) statues and others clay statues. But the idol we are talking about is made of dung and cow urine. which is distinct from all others.

It would not be wrong to say that such idols were placed elsewhere. From a religious point of view, dung is considered as an embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, the three gods and goddesses of wealth, wealth and power are being worshiped here simultaneously by installing dung idols.

The statue is installed in the Gaushala located in Gandhinagar, Khargone city. The specialty is that this idol is made of dung and cow urine only. The idol has been named Gobar Ganesh by the organizing committee. The statue, which is about 5 feet tall and weighs over 51 kg, was completed in just 7 days with no expense spared. Devotees from far and wide reach the Gaushala to have a glimpse of the unique, beautiful and eco-friendly Lord Ganesha.

The statue was completed in 7 days

Raju Soni of Gaumata Seva Sanstha and Medical Center said that after 7 days of hard work, Manoj Sharma and his colleagues installed the form of Ganesha here with holy dung and cow urine. The motive behind it is to convey the message of environmental protection and bring public awareness. 75 percent cow dung and cow urine is used in making the idol. 25 percent black soil is used.

Sitting in a square shape

Lord Ganesha, seated in a quadrangular form, holds Modak Prasad in one hand. The other hand holds a chakra. The third hand holds a conch while Bappa blesses his devotees with the fourth hand. Ever since Bappa established the Gaushala, the cows of the Gaushala have also been participating in the Aarti of the Lord every morning and evening. Devotees get the blessings of Lord Ganesha along with cows.

Also useful as fertilizer

Cow servant Raju Soni said that everyone installs idols of POP and clay, so the committee decided to make idols out of dung. Disposal of POP idols increases water pollution and also pollutes the atmosphere. Whereas Bappa’s idol made of dung and cow urine is very beneficial for the environment. It is also friendly to the environment. After immersion, it can also be used as fertilizer.

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