Young man carries disabled mother in his lap inside the flight, fulfills the duty of son very well, this video will make you emotional

A mother dedicates her whole life for her child. He risks his sleep, peace, happiness, comfort, everything for his children. Carrying your child for 9 months and giving birth through labor pains, makes a mother great and it is every child’s responsibility to help the mother when she is in need (Son physically disabled mother video). Come on for it. A young man exemplified this when he carried his disabled mother in his arms to board a flight. The video of this incident is going viral.

Positive and emotional videos are often posted on the Instagram account “Good News Movement”. Recently, this account shared a video showing a young man carrying his mother inside a flight (Boy Carry Mother In Plane Viral Video). Sharing the video, it was written, “His mother raised him in the womb for 9 months, carried him, now whenever he is needed, his children carry him in her arms.”

The children are seen carrying the mother in her arms
In the video, a young man is seen entering the flight with his mother in his arms. He leads her to sit in her chair. After that, the later parts of the video show how the woman gives birth and then stops walking due to some physical problem. She is completely in a wheelchair and her children are helping her get up and walk.

The video is going viral
This video has received more than 28 lakh views and many have responded by commenting. One said she was also disabled and feared that if she gave birth, she would end up being a burden to her children. One said that this scene is emotional but it doesn’t need to be recorded. One said, this scene between mother and child is beautiful.

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