No problem if you have diabetes, chew these 5 precious leaves in the morning, no need to go to the doctor.

5 Magical Leaves Lowers Blood Sugar: Blood sugar levels are high in diabetes. Blood sugar often rises quickly after a meal. In fact, when the pancreas produces little or no hormone called insulin, blood sugar levels rise because insulin itself digests sugar from food and converts it into energy. To control diabetes, you have to control your diet and lifestyle. Eating sweets is strictly prohibited. But there are some Ayurvedic herbs that help control blood sugar. Among them are some magical leaves, which if eaten in the morning, maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day. Let’s know which leaves are anti-diabetic.


1. Insulin plant – The leaves of insulin plant have anti-diabetic properties, hence it is called insulin plant. Although it does not increase insulin, it definitely lowers blood sugar. Insulin plant is also known by names like Fairy Costus, Spiral Flag, Chamacostus Cuspidatus, Crepe Ginger, Kemuk, Kumul, Keikand, Pakramula, Pushkarmula. According to a report published in the NCBI journal, studies have shown that insulin plants are used to regulate blood sugar. Photo: Canva


2. Mango leaves – As reported by TOI, mango leaves also have anti-diabetic properties. Chewing mango leaves in the morning will not raise your blood sugar throughout the day. Also, mango leaves can be made and consumed as tea. Boil it for 15 minutes, cool it and drink it like tea on an empty stomach. Sugar will not increase throughout the day. Photo: Canva


3. Neem leaves- There is a saying that neem leaves may be bitter but purify the blood. Neem leaves not only purify the blood but also remove sugar from the blood. Ingredients like flavonoids, triterpenoids, anti-viral compounds and glycosides are found in neem leaves which work wonders in controlling blood sugar. Photo: Canva


4. Jamun leaves- Jamun fruit has anti-diabetic properties, you must be aware of this but chewing jamun leaves will also keep your blood sugar under control. If you cannot chew the leaves, boil them in water and strain and drink as tea. Drinking this tea throughout the day will help control blood sugar. Photo: Canva


5. Curry leaves- Curry leaves are added to almost all vegetables in the south. But curry leaves are anti-diabetic which regulates blood sugar. Chew curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning or mix them with all kinds of vegetables, pulses or rice. Blood sugar will not increase throughout the day. Photo: Canva

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